How to Set up a DBA Franchise Business With an Existing LLC




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    Yohan Medalsy

    I found this article very interesting. So let's say my LLC is an investment company and I enter into an LP with my LLC as the general partner. Can I add the LP to my LLC by creating a DBA with the LP as the ficticious name? Similarly to adding a franchise through a DBA?




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    You can add another side of your Business to your existing LLC with a DBA using another name. You can form a DBA with the LP name, or you would file the LP with the state directly as a Limited Partnership and list your LLC as the Member of the LP being formed. 

    Doing the DBA is showing the LLC operates with another company name "Doing Business As", but if the LP is not your LLC then you would form the LP separately with the state as its own entity showing your LLC as the Managing Member of it. 

    We would recommend speaking with a Business Adviser or an Attorney about your business plan to determine the correct course of action for you and your business as we are only a filing company. 

    Thank you for reaching out!

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